Young Goddess Kim – Lick My Muddy Hiking Boots Sweaty Feet Cleanfootbitch

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Duration: 16:11s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I have gone out for a hike while you’re kept chained up outside waiting for My return. When I get back, you greet Me by kissing My dirty boots. My boot soles are so muddy and dirty! Since you are My chained, locked and leashed footdog – it will be your job to make them spotless. Lick them clean, bitch – every inch. The mud on My soles is a treat for a footdog like you. your mouth is so dirty from savouring My muddy boots. your doggy bowl of water is here, so I allow you to lap up some water and dunk My muddy soles in it, making you drink the divine dirty water as I push your head in the bowl with My boot. Haha, lucky footdog! you then have the honour of removing My boots, revealing My dirty white socks. I make you sniff them deeply and then slowly take them off. My soft, sacred scented bare feet make you so weak. you’re privileged to be given the job of refreshing My tired feet. Smelling and kissing them deeply. Lick them from heel to toe, making sure to get all the sock fluff off too. Then suck each delicious toe. Good boy. Open your mouth wide as I stuff My foot in your unworthy mouth! When I’m satisfied, I gag you with My sweaty socks, laugh and walk away leaving you chained up!

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