Tsarina Baltic – Big Findom Trigger

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Duration: 8:31s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You are a weak little dripping wallet, face facts you’re so turned on by paying it’s a deep rooted addiction.It’s always been titillating to have you utterly weak. I want to use you, to make you drip, little drip drips til you’re completely dry. I am perfect, I make you need it, want it, I even make you beg it, beg FOR it. Have you so desperate to have me take what you’ve worked so hard to achieve, accomplish. My body, my tits specifically are known to be SUPER triggers to spend, those two big perfect tits shut your brain off completely, make you so utterly weak, my sweet sexy voice inviting you to deeper addiction, to spend, to drip, bit by bit, so ****, so mesmerizing. And those BIG Triggers you hear over and over, making you so weak,more and more til you give in. You can’t get enough of it, watch it over and over again. You’re a total sap for me. Hahahaha!

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