Mandy Marx – Grindr Blackmail Youre Just a Straight Boy That Im About to Turn

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Don’t be alarmed when you start getting unsolicited text messages. It could be today or tomorrow. At first you might think it’s scammers. But scammers don’t usually send dick pics. I want you to relax and take a nice, deep breath with me and I’ll explain the whole thing. So normally, when a guy wants me to ruin his life, the vetting process takes weeks. And it takes a big bank transfer for my efforts. But there’s something about your willingness, sending everything right away. Your email, your password, your phone number, twitter, all of it. And then you told me the magic word that let me know that this was something I wanted to do. Your subtle hint, ‘use whatever you want…Grindr.’ Oh I heard that little slip. I’ve been needing a boy to absolutely wreck and use. But first, I need to break in all those holes. I need you to get used to what I need you to take if you’re gonna be any use to me. And you want to be useful for me, right? Do you need a little courage? You can use whatever you need as courage. Any time you feel nervous you can just take out your courage and do what you gotta do. Have you been with boys before? Oops did I jump ahead to what I’m going to make you do? Your twitter followers are going to know what you’re going to do long before you do. You’ll get a text message and all it will have is a location. You’ll drive there. And then you’ll do what you are told to do. I can get all the stallions I need from Grindr. Maybe I’ll make a new twitter using all of your information. Maybe I’ll make a twitter with you and your gf/wife. Why would I out you to her when I could just involve her? I see you’re getting nervous again. I want you to take a deep breath and forget everything. Just listen to my voice and start unzipping your pants and put your cock in your hands and get yourself all mushy and zombified for me. Stroke your cock and get loose for me. I want you to think less for me. But I need a little bit more information from you though. I’ll let you keep mindlessly stroking your cock and losing yourself but you gotta tell me a few things that I need to know. I wanna know more about your gf/wife. I need her phone number, not just her name. I wanna know all her social media and where she works. I want to know something that makes you nervous and will keep you up at night cause that’s the thing that’s most exciting, isn’t it? You’re already thinking about all the things you want to send. I want some leverage. Awww did you think we were playing? Now get an email all lined up with photos and information. I need to know everything about your wife/gf because if you start to back out, I can make sure that you follow through. Take some more courage. Oh and I also need your social security number. I just want to have it. Don’t get nervous, just stop thinking and take a deep breath. I want you to send all the information about your wife/gf so when I send you out on your very first Grindr date, you won’t be able to say no. You’re just a straight boy that I’m about to turn. And the boys on Grindr are going to love that. Once I have all of her information you won’t be able to change your mind once you come to their doors. You can’t change your mind when you’re at their hotel room or at the porn store with the ‘special’ booths in the back. You know what a glory hole is, don’t you? You can take in your special supplies and you can do whatever you need to for courage before you open your mouth nice and wide. If you want me to use you for the most depraved things, then take a nice deep breath and don’t think and send me everything about your gf/wife. I know you’re horny and stroking and you’re close but not until you send the email. You are going to be so popular on Grindr.

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