The Tabitha Jane – Fantasy House Slave Interview

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Duration: 12:38s
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You’ve applied to be a house slave for Matthew Grimm and I. But, there’s a lot to discuss, of course. First and foremost are the chores- cleaning, shopping, cooking, etc. I’ll give you lots of details on how to do things and what’s expected of you. Even deeper though, you’ll be responsible for my happiness by entertaining me. If I jump, you say how high. You wear whatever I want, or are nude if that’s how I want you. You’ll run me baths, warm my towels, and keep me entertained as I wish. Of course, I’ll never desire you sexually, but you can listen to or watch Matthew and I if you’re a good slave. You’ll be cleaning up after our sexy messes, bringing us refreshments, and generally just waiting on us hand and foot even for a glimpse of what sex for dominant people looks like. I look forward to you falling in line and listening to every last detail of your new life.

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