Princess Ivory – Sacrificial Virgin for Feet

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Duration: 7:1s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

After being away for an entire year, you admit to your old sitter you’re still a virgin. Despite the freedom and year away, you still only got turned on for her feet and didn’t dare try anything with a girl. You are so in love with her feet that you want to dedicate your virginity to her feet, would even perish beneath her soles for your first orgasm. You admit all of this to her as theson of the richest millionaire in town and Ivory uses this to her advantage. You would give anything to suck on her soft toes and the thought alone means more than anything in your bank account. Now you have on option, eat all these Viagra off her toes and submit yourself to her feet or live your whole life never sucking her toes.

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