Metronome Anal Destruction 1904×1072 HD – Christy Berrie

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Duration: 16:56
Quality: 1904x1072 HD

You’re in for a real hard ass fucking tonight, slut. I’m going to fuck you up and fuck your ass. You’re craving your sniffs and I’ll give them to you under one condition. You fuck your ass harder and faster each time you take a big, deep inhale. You’ll be pretty fucked up so I’ll have a metronome to assist you in your anal destruction. Keep up the pace of your butthole fucking and you’ll get another hit. If you’re a good bitch you’ll be cumming after just a few long and hard hits. If you’re too pathetic and worn out by the time I allow you orgasm you’ll be having quite a long night continuously fucking and sniffing until you finally dribble out your juices.

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