Princess Ashley – Real Life Gold Digger

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Duration: 14:24
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m not just a gold digger when it comes to My subs online. I’m a REAL LIFE GOLD DIGGER. This is not an act I put on for clips. I’m actually a spoiled ROTTEN, rich, greedy little BITCH and I financially dominate men in My personal life too. Just look at this giant fucking rock on My finger. Look at My life. Whatever Princess wants, Princess GETS. I drive a Range Rover. I own multiple properties in multiple states. I’ve got a closet full of designer labels and an expensive ass diamond on my hand. And yet I don’t even really work. When you’re this good at separating WEAK MEN from their money, you don’t ever have to! I’m going to keep getting richer as the men around Me continue to get poorer – both online AND in real life! I’m a real life gold digger and I’m here to take what’s MINE!

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