Mistress An Li – No Escape CBT

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Duration: 15:5s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Mummified nice and tight. Layers upon layers of plastic wrap all around your pathetic bitch body, and to seal it all in, a neck brace cinched up as far as it can go to make sure your head doesn’t move. Sounds like the perfect setting for some mischief… Of course you, being ever the optimist, think it’s just going to be facesitting. When have I ever been so generous? Why would I leave it at plain ol’ facesitting? You know my ass is just a distraction, right? Your complete immobilization is far too juicy for me to not torment you… Stay still, and stop moving while you fight for breath under my ass. I’m using a sharp utility knife to strategically cut through this plastic wrap so that I have access to your cock and balls. You wouldn’t me to cut you, would you? You’re excited, I see. How excited will you be when I step all over your cock? Tease it with a footjob first, and then stomp and trample all over it? Alternate between breathplay and cock and ball trampling, until your senses are totally confused. It must simultaneously feel so good to have my ass on your face and so scary to feel your cock and balls getting squished under the soles of my bare feet. That was just a warm-up. Because when I’m done with my feet, I’m going to punch your cock and balls until you scream in pain. Good thing you’re wrapped up so tightly or you might object to the ballbusting! You don’t have any choice now but to endure my various CBT torments. How delightful! You have no escape from CBT.

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