Mistress An Li – Floating Fucktoy Part IV

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Duration: 9:20s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m a tidy person. I like everything in their right space. All excessive clutter should be put away, or at the very least, hidden. Out of sight, out of mind. And with my slave no longer of any entertainment to me, it’s time to pack him away. Wrap him up tightly and forget about it. No more irritation at looking at his human flesh. From here on out, he’s only a faceless, bodiless gimp. I wrap him up inch by inch, head to toe in plastic wrap. Layers and layers of plastic wrap. Each strip bringing him closer to being less than human, to being an object, to being my mere forgotten decoration. Strip by strip, I bind him up until he looks like nothing more than an ugly chandelier hanging in my living room. I pump up the inflatable gag in his mouth for good measure (can’t have him talking like a human), and then I’m off on my way, abandoning my toy like I do for all my posessions.

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