Miss Madison Stone – Edging Ass Addiction

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Duration: 8:49s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I like how easy it is for your beta dick to get excited. Every time you see me your dick twitches, you daydream to me. Take a long deep inhale in my sweaty ass crack….I want to hear your nose whistle. Breathing in my plump ass only helps you goon better. Getting lost in my big boobs, staring at my pretty face. All you want to do is stroke your dick to me. You want to touch yourself right now, go ahead touch your dick…..but just a little. Edge and make your beta balls ache for me….fill them up with some much jizz that they feel ready to burst. Get your face in my juicy ass and allow the mind fuck of my ass to completely control and take over your life. Try to last longer than 2 minutes….I know it’s hard but I my rule is no cumming until I decide…until you earn your orgasm! Down the jerk off rabbithole binging to to me non stop, stroking all day and night waiting for permission to have a release. Earn it, gooner….earn it!

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