Miss Raquel Roper – Latex Tease Or Treat

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Duration: 10:0s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’ve just finished a full day of filming, and I can’t wait to peel all of my latex and high pointed heel boots. Although I love the feeling of wearing rubber, there is something so sensational about taking it off. The beads of sweat that drip from my body as I peel it slowly from my skin. Perhaps today will be the day that I allow you to see what I look like, underneath? I know you’ve been so desperate and eager to see my fully bare breasts, the teases of my nipples covered by pasties or underneath my sheer outfits driving you mad. Watching me remove each article of rubber from my body piece by piece making you all the more hopeful. The sound of running zippers… since you’ve been so well behaved, a treat may be in order. I suppose you will just have to take a gamble. Will today, be the day that you see it all?

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