Kimber Lee & Ashlynn Catch Peeping Tom & Punish Him With FaceSitting

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Duration: 9:3s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Me and Ashlynn had a wild night last night. I can’t seem to remember much, and neither can she. We must have drank way too much haha. We start trying to remember what happened, and give up just wanting play with each other. We start touching and kissing. Ashlynn grabs my tits and glide my hands up her smooth body. Just as things are getting really hot, we hear a strange noise. What was that? Eh, whatever. We start kissing and touching again. There it is again! That noise! OMG look is that..? JUSTIN!?!!?? What are you doing staring at us? Ashlynn pulls Justin onto the bed with his hair. We punish him for staring by suffocating him with our asses! We both grind all over his pathetic face until he is out! Now we can really take advantage of him….

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