Mistress An Li – You Cant Fuck Me Pt II

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Duration: 9:10s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

After all that teasing and your cock locked up tightly in chastity, you must be so frustrated. Don’t worry, I have a surefire way to quell your horniness. Not by you putting your cock inside of me, of course. I’m far more interested in putting my cocks inside of you. First off, a cock gag in your mouth to shut up your whore mouth. Second off, my cock in your ass to pound all the masculinity out of you. Why not fill up both holes at the same time? And when your body is strapped tightly together in bondage so that you’re fully immobilized and unable to escape, you’re going to have to take my anal pillaging. You won’t like it, you’ll cry, and your ass will be sore, but that’s just how Daddy likes it. After all, your male horniness brought you here. You thought you could fuck me, you wanted to fuck me, but that’s not how things work with me. I control you, and I certainly control what kind of bitch you’ll be for me. You can’t fuck me, but I sure can fuck you.

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