Kelle Martina – Embrace Your Nature

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Duration: 15:35s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

When you see me slide on my black leather driving gloves, I knew you’d be back. You tried so hard to stay away but you couldn’t get the thought of me out of your head. Seeing me in my gloves makes you totally powerless. I am going to teach you it’s OK to give in to your submissive desires. It’s not your fault the sight of a beautiful dominant woman makes you weak and excited. When I put on my sunglasses, this look creates a sense of anonymity and power that makes you even more subservient. How does the sight of me smoking in these gloves make you feel? You will do anything I ask. Get down on your knees. I pull up my leather skirt to reveal my big strap-on. I want you to suck my cock while I enjoy my cigarette. When it’s gone, I’ll fuck your throat till I cum. You will swallow all my load.

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