Humiliation POV – Sara Saint – Lose Yourself In This Stroking Goon Trance

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Duration: 13:54s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I know you’re so horny, all you want to do is jerk your pathetic cock to me. But you don’t just want to jerk, you want to goon. And I’m going to teach you how to enter the goon state with my skillful handjob skills on this nice dildo. You don’t need to think, all you need to do is follow along. I’m going to have you stroking to me for hours and hours until you lose track of time. Now lube up your cock and watch me. Watch my movements on this cock while your hand does the same. You know my hand would never touch your cock the way I’m touching this cock. Just teasing it, slowly, up and down with my finger tips. You should be so grateful that I’m showing you exactly how I want you to stroke your cock. I know how much you’re enjoying looking at my beautiful face staring right at you while I jerk this cock in front of you. Glide your hand up and down, nice and slow. Slowly edge yourself and feel yourself getting dumber and dumber. Start jerking it from the base up to the head and then rubbing the head before you stroke it up and down again. Yes, I want you to edge just like that for me. Good boy. Stroke and stare as I tease you with my hot young body that you will never touch. Don’t stop stroking, just stare and stroke gooner. It feels so good to stroke your cock to me. I want you to go deeper and in order to go deeper, you need to go faster. Feel yourself getting weaker and weaker, you’re getting closer to the goon state where you so desperately desire to be. Look into my beautiful eyes and jerk it faster with me. Get yourself to the edge. Now just work the head. Only the head. Your cock is so fucking hard. I know how to make it twitch and throb with my gentle hand motions. Slowly making you hornier and dumber, you feel your mind slipping. Keep stroking, up and down the whole shaft, circular motions with your hand. You can hardly think any more. Goon for me. Lose yourself in this stroking goon trance. I’m going to keep your cock on edge for hours and you’re going to love every second of it. You’re such a pathetic little gooning stroke drone for me, aren’t you? Stroke it faster, gooner. Stroke to my hot young body as you feel your brains ooze out of your head. I love teasing your cock like this, I love making you my mindless little gooner. Now slow it down, just use two fingers up and down on the shaft. We don’t want you cumming, no, I just want you to goon for me. Gooning feels so much better than cumming any way. You don’t even want to cum, you just want to goon for me for hours. I’m going to tease and deny your cock and you’re going to thank me for doing this to you. You’re going to loop this video and watch it over and over, for hours and hours, until you lose track of time and spend your entire night, deep in the goon state where pathetic gooners like you belong. You belong alone and gooning, that is your place.

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