Humiliation POV – Princess Cin – Nameless Faceless Internet Findom Idiot

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You are such a fucking idiot. You can stop jerking your pathetic, horny cock as you lay your filthy eyes on my gorgeous perfection. You get so weak the moment your cock leads you my way. You turn mindless, utterly fucking stupid, ready to hand me your fragile mind to mold as I see fit. You’re such a weak, pathetic findom freak. A real fucking idiot for paying hot brats who would never notice you or pay any attention to you. But you fucking love that, don’t you? Just look at how fast you’re jerking as I talk about what a stupid pay pig you are. It’s so pathetic. Only a fucking freak would get turned on by his own financial ruin. Men like you are truly the dumbest of them all. You’re so easy to manipulate. It’s so easy for me to shift your mind where I want it and get you to serve your one and only purpose. And the reason it’s so fucking easy is because you want it, piggy. You want to be a findom idiot more than anything else, don’t you? Shutting your brain down and get wallet fucked is such fucking bliss, isn’t it? The moment you start jerking your dick there’s nothing else that you want other than experiencing this mind tranquilizing fuckery trip that only findom can give you. Keep jerking piggy, I know you can’t control your brain when that dick is hard and that’s exactly how I want you. You truly are the lowest of the low, so easy to fuck over and manipulate because you are that fucking stupid. Jerk it up and down, findom idiot. That cock will never be useful for anything else except for being a stupid cash cock. You’re so fucking pathetic, I know you’re jerking faster and you’re gooning and getting dumber and dumber, closer and closer to bankruptcy as this fetish of yours slowly destroys your life. You are nothing but a money object to me. You want to go deeper into this mind and wallet fuckery. The deeper you go the better it feels, isn’t that right pig brain? The bigger and harder your cock gets, the smaller and weaker your mind gets, to the point where it’s absolutely fucking useless. I’m the one who does the thinking for you, findom idiot. I control your brain, which controls your hand, which clicks away on your mouse. You just execute my desires. And the more you jerk the more ripe you become to get more fucked over by me. Your desperate horny cock is luring you deeper and deeper into your findom addiction. You just can’t help but feel pure bliss. You couldn’t control these urges even if you wanted to. When I trigger that brain to turn off, it instantly goes blank. Your horny cock brings you right here, utterly stupid with your wallet open ready for me to use. You’re such an easy target, I don’t even have to try with you, my perfection and mindfuckery easily allow me to completely drain your wallet. It feels so good to fucking pay, I don’t even have to try with you. You see once you’ve experienced the bliss of losing all control and handing a beautiful woman what she deserves, you can never go back. Your sex life hasn’t been the same since you discovered findom. The only thing that you’re worthy of is ruthlessly getting fucked over while you get dumber and dumber. I don’t even have to talk to you or acknowledge you and you just pay. You fucking findom idiot. I just acknowledge you for what you are, a complete fucking idiot. The more I degrade you and treat you like dirt, the more you want to send. That makes you the dumbest of them all. The more I disregard your pathetic existence, the more you need to hand me your cash. It’s so easy really. So easy and so pathetic. I don’t have to do a thing and you just spiral into your own financial ruin. You need to over compensate and pay for what a pathetic freak you are. You need to give that cock what it wants and what it wants is for you to pay. And the more it hurts the better it feels, isn’t that right piggy? You just can’t escape this never ending loop, can you findom idiot? The nature of our relationship is so fucked up but you love it, your dick needs it. You just can’t help but be a findom idiot just spiraling into financial fuckery with each stroke of your cock. You’re just a faceless, nameless findom idiot for me. All you do is goon, stroke and pay. Your cock triggers you and you pay more and more until you don’t even realize how much I’ve drained from you. Being a findom addict is your reality and I will never stop taking advantage of that just like you will never stop paying.

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