Goddess Valora – Foot-Stroke Rampage

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Duration: 31:24s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

“Mmmmm *laughs*…well, little foot-boy…I am going to put you into quite…a task, today…you see that? I have been stepping in cigarette ashes just for you…I know, I’m very thoughtful, aren’t I? So…I know that you’re probably jack off to them right now, and blow your load, but…where would the fun in that be??? so instead, I’m going to time you…starting…now…we will be playing a very torturous game…in which you…will be stroking your cock, and edging yourself for me!…” Beautiful goddess Valora is going to make you beg and cry as you stroke your cock, edging insanely, and dripping an immense amount of pre-cum. she wants you to prove her that you’re really into it, so cumming won’t come easily…but ohh, god, when it comes at last – it’s going to be one hell of an orgasm. a must-have treat for foot, toes, and dirty feet lovers!

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