Hannah Foxx – Step Sis Bribes You with Her Feet

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Duration: 15:30s
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Your step sister comes into your room and asks for help with her homework, you tell her it will be a few minutes so she lays down on your bed and waits. You can’t focus because she waving her feet everywhere and for some reasson you’re getting really turned on. Fuck she just say your boner!! Even worse she realizes it because of her feet. She knows shes in control now and makes a deal with you. If she can make you cum from jerking off to her feet then you have to do her homework for a week. She starts sucking her toes and spitting all over them as you jerk your dick, you’re already feeling like you need to explode but you’ve got to see what shes going to do next. She gets naked for you and shows off her sexy body. She’s getting so turned on watching you stroke your dick and needs to start playing w her her tight wet pussy. You lay there masturbating together, you can’t believe you’re doing this! She slips a finger in her perfect asshole and you lose your mind and start beating your dick knowing you’re going to explode soon. She tells you to cum with her and you release your load everywhere. Better get cleaned up tho 😉 you have some homework to do.

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