Goddess SheDevil – Get Moving You Fat Pig

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Duration: 9:39s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’ve become so fat and lazy with your sedentary lifestyle. Always sitting on that ass. Admit it. It’s about time you got moving, you fat pathetic pig. You obviously need My motivation to rectify this waste of space you have become. Sitting around like a pig is far from becoming of a slave. You’re going to get into better shape, you’re going to move that fat pathetic rump of yours. I’m going to have you so busy slaving away at tasks to appease Me that you won’t have time to lay around like a pig. Can you impress Me? Yes, oink, piggy. You’re going to complete all your assigned work or there will be far worse punishments. Admit that you’re a fat pathetic pig, so we can start trimming the fat and bring Goddess the bacon.

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