Goddess Natalie – Yes I Cheated and you Love it

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Duration: 12:32
Quality: 1904x1088

Coming back home after cheating on my boyfriend once again, he asks me to come over to our bedroom to talk. So I quickly take my shirt off since it was covered in cum, and come see what he wants from me. Little did I know that the little rat went through my phone when I wasn’t watching and found some of my conversations with hot black studs. Not only did he find that, but he also saw some of the videos we recorded when we had sex. So now he’s acting all jealous asking me how it happened. I deny it at first and try to act innocent, but a few seconds in, I decide he’s not worthy of me making such an effort to hide it all. After all, he’s been one useful mortherfucker for the past few months, not even able to make me cum properly. So I decide to tell him everything, all the tiny details of how I fucked not just one, but several black guys, sometimes only one at a time, but sometimes many of them simultaneously. But he knows it all anyways, since he saw my videos. Somehow, it seems that me telling him how it happened, hearing all the juicy details directly from me, makes him all hard and horny. So I demand him to get naked and explain why this got him hard instead of him being jealous. Slowly but surely, I turn him into a cuckold for me and tell him that he’s allowed to jerk off to my stories, but not to cum, since he wasn’t capable to give me an orgasm in so long. It looks like I’m taking him with me next time I go to my black lover’s house, and he’ll be in chastity! Oh my!

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