FarrahPixi – Brat with a Strap

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Duration: 16:38s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I know just how badly you’ve been dreaming of getting some anal action. It is your number one fantasy to have anal sex isn’t it? It’s all you think about when you’re jerking off. And I have decided that I am finally going to give it to you. Just… not in the way you think. I see you staring at my ass, and we both know you’ll do anything to make your dream come true. You want to take your rock hard dick and plunge it so deep into my ass. So I’m going to use this information against you to trick you into becoming MY back door bitch instead! I’m going to manipulate you like the bratty Domme I am into taking my thick meaty strap and you are absolutely powerless to stop me! Now bend over little whore, your ultimate little fantasy just took an unexpected turn!

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