Countess Jezebeth – Shrunken Brain

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Duration: 16:2s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It’s true. It is good for you. It’s good for you to keep furthering your addiction to Me, to gooning. It’s good for you because it’s your body aligning with your brain. Both completely out of control.. and now under Mine. I provide a space where you can finally just be yourself, your mindless, stupid self and you’re so grateful for it. Nothing feels better than gooning yourself numb, feeling the leakage spill out all over knowing that I’ve milked it out with My words. Every time you get on the edge you stop yourself knowing that this intensity will end if you cum and all you want to do is just ride it through. It’s going to be for hours, a never ending cycle of going blank. It’s everything now. Your brain soaking up My control, My commands, My beauty like a sponge. But the difference is that instead of expanding. It shrinks.

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