Eva de Vil – Change for Me

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Duration: 16:49s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You are going to change for me. Your role is to be malleable and subservient. Your life is going to look very different a few months from now. In a year, it will be unrecognizable if you succumb to my conditioning. You are currently a flaccid dick bitch, using only a vibrator and prostate wand for stimulation. You have approximately 10 orgasms a week, at your leisure. You will obey my 10 rules as I transform you into MY sissy edge slut. You will build a whole routine around my orders to create real change in your life and body. I will gradually decrease your orgasms, emasculating you and removing all control from your sexuality. You are MINE to modify. MINE to play with. MINE to control. Featuring breathing instructions for immersive submission. Wear headphones to experience my sensual whispers.

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