Empress Poison – Melt My Brain Mistress

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Duration: 10:24s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

AROMA- This year is a new start, a new way of life… its time to give up your fear filled mundane existence… and give yourself over completely to your darkest desires. You have been afraid of ‘going too far’ but 2023 is the year that all changes. Escape your uncertainty and fully commit to my devious eyes that drag down into a mystical subspace, sniff from the tiny brown bottle and feel that warm rush cascade over your brain like a comforting blanket and hear my words spiral you into a deep obsess detached from reality. I will take you in and make everything better, just stare deeper and sniff… then my controlled chaos will engulf your willing brain, melt it, mould it and empty it.

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