Candy Glitter – Anti Orgasm Gooner Club

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Don’t cum. Stay in the gooner mindset. Keep stroking. When you blow your load, is when you stop stroking, and I don’t want you to stop stroking. I want you to MAXIMIZE your time spent in the gooner mindset. Does that mean you can never have an orgasm? Of course not. You have to cum sometimes. But you know what happens after you cum? You start thinking about things other than porn, other than jerking off, and other than your Princess, and that’s obviously a stupid fucking waste of time. So, your goal is to absolutely minimize your cum count. You should think of an orgasm as a reward, ideally after months of constant stroking. But maybe that’s something to build to. Anyway, you obviously want to be part of this club, so buy this clip, and listen to my instructions to become a member of the Anti Orgasm Gooner Club. Use markup code GOON at checkout if you want to join the club.

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