PPFemdom – Four Cheeky Mistresses Fill Your Mouth With Spit – Group POV Spitting Humiliation

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Duration: 9:31s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You should have prepared your mouth to hold enough saliva from the spitting of the four young Mistresses Dorimills, Kira, Jucy and Agma. Arrogant bitches get high when they humiliate someone, and now you kneel in front of them and they gladly begin to humiliate you. You are ordered to keep your mouth open so that each of the four Mistresses can easily spit into it. Young Mistresses constantly spit into your mouth and verbally humiliate you. Girls make fun of your spitting and pitiful face, and to make fun of you even more, they slap you. To diversify the humiliation with saliva, Mistress Kira took a spoon and spat into it, and then each of the Mistresses spat into the same spoon in turn, after which Kira poured a mix of four types of saliva into your dirty mouth. Dominant girls spit on you, wiped their dirty feet on you, slapped you in the face, and Mistress Kira also ordered you to sniff her dirty armpit. POV Spitting, POV Face Slapping, POV Humiliation.

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