Butt3rflyforu – Sex Therapy

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You have been in a rehab where you live isolated from the world for sex therapy. You are addicted to jerking off and sex to the point that you sexually your secretary at work.. Now you have 3 years of no masturbating, no sex, no porn…nothing. Your balls have not been touched or relieved in 3 long years!!!!! They have cameras in your room to be sure there is no masturbating or touching yourself. If they suspect you of anything at all, they lock your cock in chastity. Today is the big day…you are to be released….you have been rehabilitated and allowed to go back to normal life…you can not wait to leave…..you just want to touch yourself and feel your cock release….you have missed masturbating and getting off….you just need to get by Rae….You are called into her office…she is hot! Long black shiny hair, thigh thighs, tight red club dress that shows her perfectly round ass and huge tits…..you sit there quietly….this should be routine…in and out!!!! She fumbles through her paperwork telling you that this is just a simple routine meeting….but she beings teasing and taunting you with her round ass, no panties on, and amazing legs and feet!!! You begin feeling your cock grow in your jeans…..you pray she doesn’t see…..your sweat rolls down your face….you can’t help but to think how good it would feel to touch your self…..she says her air conditioner broke and do you mind if I remove my dress…..there is nothing routine about this meeting…it’s the hardest test yet!!!!!! And Rae knows everything about you!!! Even your foot fetish!!!! ENJOY!

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