Young Goddess Kim – The Gift of Goddess

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Duration: 20:16s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

To be in such a privileged position is heaven. My loyal, devoted d0gg at the end of My leash. Led behind My heels, following behind eagerly. Kneeling in complete submission to My will. And soon, worshipping with total reverence and surrender. I have a few moments to spare before I go out and celebrate. (While you’re left behind slaving away in My shoe closet). Grovel at My divine feet in these dazzling sandals before you slowly look up to your divine Goddess. Of course you obey – you are My property. your body and mind is Mine to use as I please. Locked and denied in chastity since…. When? Haha, such a weak, helpless locked object at My feet…. Kiss the key around My ankle and beg Me to unlock you. I slowly remove My sandals and have you right where you belong – beneath My sacred soles. My footstool. Obey My instructions as I order you.. Edging, barking, slapping, licking, sucking, haha anything I command! I own all the cum in those balls and you will finally, helplessly, humiliatingly release it all under My control. After cleaning your mess like the d0gg you are, My property is locked straight back in My prison. This is the greatest gift you could ever wish for. Owned under the power and control of My heavenly feet. Kiss them and thank Me for allowing you to serve your purpose, slave.

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