You Will Never Stop Wanking

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When is it ever going to end? This vicious cycle of self loving of which you are deep within? The answer is NEVER. Why, because you don’t want it to and because you are far too weak and captivated by me to ever resist. This is what you do right. Every single day you worm your way back here for your very next dose of wank material. You lead a sad lonely life and without this right here you would be in a very dark place. No one wants you therefore you will jerk off to that fact. You love the way those nasty, bitchy, honest truths roll off my tongue. They hit a nerve each time, they feel you will self hate and you stroke along. Of course, your trousers are around your ankles, of course your hand is tugging on that over-wanked, gross dick. It’s all you know now and it’s all you do. In fact, all you are doing is wanking your life away! Such a waster, such a joke. Is this really what your life has become. Oh yes it has and you’re going to jerk to that fact that you’re a sad lonely jerk off and it feels good.

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