Xev Bellringer – Laughing At Your Limp Dick

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That was such an amazing dinner! So, what else do you have planned for us tonight? I can think of something fun…why don’t you drop your drawers and let me jerk you off. No need to be shy about it, you’ve got nothing to hide I’m sure. Go ahead, baby.Oh…My…God. Are you serious? You’re limp as fuck! This is going to be a disaster, isn’t it. You’ve got a hot girl stroking your dick and you can’t even get it up haha! What’s wrong with you, this is just a wet noodle. Try, come on! Ohh finally, now you’re harder. All it takes to get you aroused is me laughing and making fun of you, hmm?Slow down?! Why on earth would I do that? Oh Christ, you’re a premature ejaculator too! I can’t believe my luck, I’ve never seen this before and that’s saying something. Fuck you, I’m not slowing down, I gotta see this. You’re going to cum aren’t you? Pathetic!

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