Worship Waltrude – Gone With the Goon – Mindfuck Journey Into Hands-Free Orgasms

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Duration: 11:5s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Submit to me, my little gooner, let me mold your brain into a pleasure machine and become a true disciple of the orgasmic arts. Through multisensory integration and the most tantalizing 3D porn, you will be brought to the brink of ecstasy again and again, until you experience the ultimate hands-free orgasm that will leave you forever changed. Your brain will be rewired through the power of neuroplasticity. My mindfuck porn will take you to a whole new level of ecstasy, where your body and mind will become one. The harder it gets between your legs, the softer it becomes everywhere else. Hard cock, hard balls, soft reasoning, soft mind! See, arousal and especially an orgasm, are an energy

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