Viola Winter – Towel Head Muslim Freak

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I’m here to remind you what you are. You see the reason you get the middle finger, and that’s all you get, is because of your religion. You know what you are every time you get on your filthy hands and knees on that filthy prayer mat and pray to mecca. a towel headed muslim freak. You are pathetic all religious are fucked up. what the fuck is with the way they dress. towels on your heads? what the fuck do you look like? you sure as aren’t getting pussy like this. you know what people think of when they see muslims? fucking terrorists. what you will be associated for the rest of your life. you’re here sinning with me. Every time you pray you’re nothing but a bitch for pathetic. wouldn’t be caught with a loser that does that. makes you humble on the floor to pray? nah weak and pathetic. go on give it all up you know its all bullshit come spend your days jerking with me. your need for religion is weak. I’ll spit on your prayer mat and you will lick it all up. the darker the skin the worst you are. I like light skinned atheist boys. disgusting. feel embarrassed walking down the street knowing that every thinks you are a freak. people are scared of you.

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