VieraMayXXX – You Suck The Guy Impregnating Your Wife 1080p

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Duration: 13:19
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

In this ‘say my name’ video my husband David walks in and catches me cheating on him with another guy. I explain to him that I’m just not happy with our sex life in general, especially the fact that he can’t get me pregnant. I calmly explain that I’m sorry if it hurts his feelings but I’m going to keep going. I also decide to make my husband help get the guy’s dick hard before he fucks me and puts a baby in me, this way all 3 of us are still part of the process, I don’t want my husband feeling left out!! After that we head over to the couch and start fucking until he cums inside me, I sit there for a couple minutes talking to my husband as I let the cum seep in…

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