VieraMayXXX – Popular Girl Gives Nerd First BJ Ever 1080p

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Duration: 13:14
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

In this video you play the nerd from my school!I play the popular girl! I am walking around my neighborhood knocking on doors to collect money for our school trip! I ask you to donate to my fundraiser! You agree but only if I give you a BJ! I feel pity on you because I know your still a virgin! I also know you have always had a huge crush on me so I decide to have some fun! I tell you to just get hard and that I’m not going to finish you off all the way! You decide that you just can’t hold it in and cum in my mouth! I freak out because I hate the taste of cum! I tell you it’s fine but make sure you ask the girl first next time! I’m very understanding because it is your first bj and your a virgin! I end the video but telling you we should do it again soon! You give me the money for my fundraiser and I rush to leave before your mom gets home! Enjoy! XOXO

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