VeggieBabyy – Cheating W-u During My Engagement Party

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Duration: 30:16s
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This is a custom video, contact me if you’d like your own! This video is pt 2 to my very popular “coworker cheats on her bf with you POV virtual fuck” video, though both work as standalone videos. In part 1, we slept together after a night out while my boyfriend was out of town. Now, it’s months later and my fiancé and I are hosting an engagement party to celebrate our recent engagement! After talking to you a bit, I realize that we both still think about that night often, but it has to be a one night thing. I’m about to marry the man of my dreams. We both fight back the urge to fuck throughout the party, but end up going to a quiet room upstairs to talk it out and find some closure. However, instead of talking, we start fucking almost immediately. After a few minutes of fucking, I hear my fiancé knock on the door to check on me and have to have a conversation with him while you’re still fucking me. We narrowly escape getting caught and continue with our escapade. Your cock is incredible, and I love it so much more than my fiancé’s. Finally, we both cum together and take a couple minutes to bask in the post-sex glow before heading back to the party one at a time, hoping that no one noticed we were gone.

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