Tsarina Baltic – Slow Aroma Goon Trance

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Duration: 13:9s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Slow it down for me, let’s have it all tantric, desperate, weak and infuriatingly slow. Pump your cock at my whim, by my level and sniff, you’ll be put under an intense mesmerizing daze. Pump your cock and turn into a goon, a blank minded, horny dribbling mess for me. You need to goon like this, to ache this desperately, it’s a complete reset to your system, a wipe out of any thought, just the increasing urge to goon longer, to stroke more and maybe just maybe get to pump a little faster, just to not go completely mad… Oh but what fun it is to turn you this weak and desperate for me. You ache to goon this way…

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