Tsarina Baltic – Keep up the Pump

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Duration: 10:46s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Let’s play another game of focus. In this joi, you’ll have to follow my instructions, question is, which one will you end up following. All that pumping, can really fuck with your mind, especially when I change it up real quick, you might definitely start from the left end up on the right, you might even get overly weak and not able to focus on any, just losing your mind from all of this, it can get too much real quick. But that’s all part of the fun isn’t it. On the right side I might be encouraging you to pump, whilst on the left I tell you to stop pumping, you gotta keep up with it, haha! Follow one, follow the other, get lost in both, mix and match, there’s just so many options! How fun is that? All that’s certain is you’ll be gooning hopelessly, trying so hard to keep up.

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