Tsarina Baltic – DumbFuck Loser JOI

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Duration: 12:55s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Being nice to you is not good enough, no you need something spicier, you’ve always been a huge beta simp for the meanest Goddesses completely out of your league, you couldn’t help but jerk off to them humiliating the ever living fuck out of you, now you’re a more messed up loser completely addicted to verbal abuse and can’t even think of a time before that, you need to be slapped around, getting your ego kicked like the easy target that it is, will always be the hottest thing, you’ll always come back for… Enjoy the miriad of little insults, jerking off to being flipped off and ofcourse the effects that might burn those mean words into your psyche and wreck it that much more, get weaker and even more desperate than you were.

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