Tsarina Baltic – Blue Ball Denial MindFuck

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Duration: 10:42s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Making me happy is your top priority and I want to be entertained by you completely losing your mind over me and having all that pent up horniness that you have no power to release. Jerking off is off limits literally, it’s an order, not even one pump for you. Just an overdose of my sensual teases, insatiable taunts and my many voices echoing in your head to really leave you a blue balled, ultimately rejected denied pet. Beg all you want, bargain and plead, not even a pump. Just more teasing, haha I’ll be stuck in your head for days. Being my blue balled pet is just the best! Throb and drool! You might not survive, oh well! It’s to make me happy, you’ll do it anyway!

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