Tsarina Baltic – Aromaholic Gooner JOI

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Duration: 10:16s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Just one hit is not enough, it’s just a spark to light your pleasure centers, it will be a slow but mesmerizingly hot burn, gooner boy. I want you to ache more than once, cum close to the finish line with my cum countdowns more than once, repeatedly be denied so you would work up a sweat. I will send you into a gooning loop, a perfectly sensual one, those short glimpses only making it harder to hold back, as i pump your brain full of rush and you pump your cock to my instructions. Stroking without my aroma sniffing instructions aren’t good enough anymore for a deeply addicted perv like you, oh no, you’re much too deep in to stop, only sniff more, only stroke more, only keep edging. only keep ruining your mind to my perfect tits.

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