Tigger Rosey – Glyph Fucks Tigger RAW

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Duration: 20:5s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Tigger is very excited for her new bad dragon toy, and can’t wait to try it out. She knows how badly you want to watch her ride it, and gets really turned on by the thought, so she decides to put on her sexiest fishnet bodystocking and turns on the camera. She starts by telling you how excited she is for you to watch her try out the new toy. She demonstrates her sexy outfit for you, describing how turned on and wet she is for you to come with her. She starts by admiring the new toy, rubbing it against her pussy and teasing herself with it. She then turns around, giving you the greatest view of her ass and feet. She takes the dragon toy and applies a generous amount of lube to it, and places it in position. She eases onto the tip of the dragon, and moans in pleasure as it fills her. She can’t help but gasp out at how big it is! She slowly start to move up and down, taking more and more of it inside of her, and moaning louder and louder as she does. She rubs her clit as the toy fills her so completely, and starts going faster and faster. Soon it becomes too much for her, and she screams for you to come with her. She moans in pleasure as she comes, knowing you have no choice but to obey her.

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