TheTabithaJane – Cheerleader Femme Makeover

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Duration: 14:1s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

When you joined cheerleadin as a male, I thought a little something was up. Some guys would join in order to be around hot girls and touch them as they life them and twirl them. But I know a little something. I call you to my house and take you to my room before cheer practice to confront you. The reason you look at us so eagerly isn’t because you want to date us, it’s because you want to be like us… isn’t it? You want to be pretty and cute and feminine. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone just yet. I don’t like the cheerleading captain so you and I are going to work to overthrow her. Once I make you over and teach you sll the feminine things, the girls will see how great I am and how amazing my feminine makeover skills are and I’ll become cheer captain. Bonus points is that I’ll make sure you’re safe, accepted, AND super hot and irresistable. It’s a great deal. So we do some makeup, dress you up and I teach you how to walk in heels. It’s just the first lesson of many as we transform you and take back our squad.

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