Thealogy – Cuckold Vacation

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Here we are hubby, in this beautiful apartment that you paid for, on a vacation to London that you paid for, so that we can find me a man worthy of fucking me. While I’m out hunting for yet another big dicked man to fuck, you’ll be patiently waiting for me at the bedside, your heart beating faster and faster each time I update you via messages about how my date’s going. I send you a payment request so you can pay for my and my lover’s dinner and you already know that in a while, I’ll arrive with a new lover who’s gonna fuck my brains out. You’re already positioned in the corner of the bedroom, waiting for the doors to open as I giggle with a man kissing my neck, I’ll introduce you as my cuckold husband and prompt you to start fluffing my lover’s cock while he undresses me. You’ll make sure he doesn’t rip the beautiful dress and lingerie that you bought me, fold it neatly and once you’re done, you’re allowed to suck on my toes while he penetrates me. Each moment you gaze upon the steaming sex scene, you’re reminded why you’re the cuck in the corner and he gets to fuck your wife.. because you can’t please otherwise than financially and with your stable, adoring submission. He fucks, you watch, and I laugh and moan as I cum on his cock so that you can get treated to licking off the pussy juices of your beloved wife off another man’s throbbing, massive cock. Once he’s finished in me and you clean my pussy with your tongue, I kiss him good night and you know tomorrow’s yet another date, just with another different well endowed, attractive man… what a blessed life you’re living, cucky!

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