The Tabitha Jane – Legs And Foot Worship JOI

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To remind you of why you’re here and always coming back, I’ve picked out the perfect outfit complete with stockings and shoes, for you to worship my legs and feet. It really is perfection embodied to see the striking blue land black combined, hugging my thighs and tips all the way down to my ankles and gorgeous toe tips. I let you see a copious amounts of angles from my perfect rounded ass too the way down my long legs. My stilettos Ive chosen are the perfect mix of feminine and strong, domineering vibes. You’re absolutely enamored with getting to observe and worship. I eventually allow you to sniff my gorgeous feet and shoes, and even up my leg. I know today you’re going to be so horny. I give you permission to stoke as I tease you with my body so that you can solidify the fact I’m what you crave and cum to. My fishnet stockings provide a mouthwatering experience as you hold back orgasm and continue worshipping. I take off the shoes and allow you to see the detailing of mt toenails. We move up so you can see my athletic legs. My calf and thigh muscles have a sexy definition on the sides to show you how lucky you are to have a fit and yet curvy goddess like me. I know you’re really getting close to the edge. You’re smelling and kissing the most perfectc body you could’ve asked to worship. Since I like teasing nd seeing how long you can last, I take off my garter and stockings really slowly as you watch my graceful body move. I let you kiss my legs and feet. You can hear my nails against my skin as I touch my body. Finally, I decide you’re so ready to cum, so I’ll allow you to cum and you’ll burst all over yourself, as you’re sucking on my toes of course. It deeply pleasures you and as you orgasm you’re even more solidified on your decision to worship me.

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