The Tabitha Jane – Goddess Of Youth Agereversal

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Duration: 18:12s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You summon the goddess of youth. She warns you, you can’t handle the amount of youth power she exudes. But you insist you’re strong enough and no amount of reasoning will make you think otherwise. You want a youth goddss to have as a love partner. She warns it won’t happen that way, but the reverse aging has already started. You feel spry and rejuvenated at first. Thinking, this is great, you have no fears of what comes next. Slowly you go back further in time until you are unable to walk, but rather have to crawl. Small, crawling around naked as your clothes no longer fit, the goddess teases she did warn you, though your loved ones will be happy to raise you again and get to love you through a whole lifetime twice. Maybe next time around you’ll listen and know the goddess was right!

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