The Tabitha Jane – Executrixxx Fantasy Black Widow 1

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Duration: 19:24s
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You awaken and find a sexy woman sitting on you. Your hands are bound and you can’t move, but her allure doesn’t allow you to struggle too much. She begins to explain she let herself in and tied you because she is a hired hit woman. You smiled at a girl the other day at a coffee shop, and her sugar daddy didn’t like it. Whether or not you were flirting, doesn’t matter, now you’re done for. However, usually the hit woman doesn’t get to take her time and have fun with endings, but you looked so cute. She took the liberty of taking off her panties and mounting you. She tells you of your demise, but you’re still so hard. She is curious to see if she can make you cum before she *really* bangs you. As she rides you, she points the tool of torment in your face, laughing and enjoying her control over you and, ultimately, your life. When you cum it pushes her over the edge and a few shots go off in excitement. Lights and clicks indicate each shot. She comes down off the high and admires her work. That’s when she notices you’re still struggling. She leans in close and takes her time with the next few clicks until finally, you’re done for. She’s left there with your body and remarks she may have to do this more often. A black widow in the making, she hops off to her next assignment.

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