The GOLDY rush – Toilet Slave Reprogramming and Training

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Duration: 15:31s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Hello! I have developed a new unique video clip that will reprogram your brain! Relax your brain, listen to my voice, watch the video, and don’t try to resist! You can already feel how toilet slavery fills you with a little excitement and makes you want more and more! All that your brain wants to do is being a toilet slave! He wants to be used as a toilet, he wants to consume lots of p**s and s**t, wants to be used and abused bu the asses! You should understand that you can please a woman just being their toilet slave! Forever a toilet slave, forever a human toilet! There is nothing better for you just being a human toilet! To eat the s**t, to clean the assholes! Women don’t need you like a man, they want you like a toilet slave! Your task is to be the best ever toilet slave and please the woman by eating their excrements! Your disgusting little toilet kink started when you were young, am I right? While other guys wanted to spy girls in their bedroom, you wanted to get into the girl’s toilet and listen they are p**ing . And it just grew out of there. After … You wanted to see it. You wanted to see how this yellow nectar coming out from pussy! And you also wanted to see the sweat chocolate which is coming out of her asshole. You are reprogramming right now on your new role as a toilet slave! This is your new place. This is your new role! This is the only way you can cum. You are forever a toilet slave now! You will forever cum just from eating s**t, from drinking p**s, from being a toilet slave!

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