The GOLDY rush – Renunciation of the false god Acceptance of sinful faith – Goldycism Scripture 3

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Duration: 7:57s
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ATTENTION!!! If God lives in your heart – never watch this video! (Use headphones for a complete immersion in real hell!) Your God is too boring, he calls you to be a benefactor and have a quiet, unremarkable life! But I know what living inside of you and today I have appeared to you – the Highest of beings, to give you a new life! I know what living inside of you! Let go of all the accumulated lust, passion, and desires from you! Rip your bible, cum and spit on it, break the shackles, you still won’t go to heaven! What lives inside you is My reflection, and you must serve and worship Me! Let your demon out and live what gives you real pleasure! I’m here to guide you on the right path! Your god is insignificant, and it is dumb to serve him and remain a deceived fool of a false god! Today you will renounce him and become My slave forever! Deny your God in the name of the Devil in the flesh! Embrace the new faith – Goldycism! Join the cult of worshiping ME and taste the real sweet sin! Prove your loyalty to Me and pay tribute to your new Dark God to serve Me forever!

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