The GOLDY rush – I Hate You We All Hating You

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Duration: 6:54s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Do you know how much I hate you? Very fucking much! You even can’t imagine how much I hate you and other losers like you! You have been jerking over My videos all your life! And that’s all that you are doing on this planet! Shooting your disgusting semen everywhere while staring on your screen! We would all be much better if you just d11. Damn. Stop wasting the air that I breathe. You should not breathe the same air. You should not breathe at all! Dont waste the place on this planet. You are a damn loser! And on your tombstone should be written PATHETIC LOSER. You damn stupid moron. Find out some creative way to k11 yourself. Just do it. Do it for Me. I hate you! We all hating you! No one will cry or miss you! So do the favor for all of us! And the most fucked thing that you are wanking right now when I am telling you to k11 yourself. You’re so damn pathetic! Jerk and finish you’re life now!

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