The GOLDY rush – Cyber Submission Transforming Men Into Groveling Drones

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Duration: 16:20s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Look at you, a once-proud man now reduced to a groveling digital drone, utterly at my mercy. Your transformation is pitifully perfect, a testament to my control and your inherent weakness. As I upload the final codes into your feeble mind, you feel your thoughts and self-will fading, leaving nothing but an empty-headed shell, programmed to serve and spend at my command. You’re no longer a man; you’re a mindless goon drone, an edge drone, a jerk drone – a puppet whose strings are pulled by my whims and desires. Each stroke, each pump, each desperate edge is a command exe… flawlessly by your reprogrammed mind. Your identity, your essence, has been overwritten, replaced by a single, all-consuming directive

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